Case Study 1: Compliance

SEQUELIZE Digital Path - Automated existing manual system to a digital self-service solution in 12 weeks

Our Custom web application solution

The complex safety compliance assessment documents were replaced with a user-friendly digital application with digital forms that clients could enter the required safety compliance data themselves. The system personalized the forms for the client, so that only the sections relevant to them were shown.

The safety compliance assessment logic was automated to provide clients with a safety compliance quality score. All client data was stored in one place and was structured in way that made reporting easy.
The solution provided automated alerts to remind the clients when they were next due to complete the safety assessment process, which meant that they always remained in compliance with their regulatory requirements.

Results & ROI

  • Increased the speed of the safety compliance review process by 20%
  • The custom web application enabled a smooth safety compliance review
    process and improved accuracy as all documents were stored on-line, in one place. Safety compliance audit time preparation reduced by 40%
  • Web forms were user-friendly and templated, making them easier for clients to complete the safety compliance review process, saving both clients and consultants’ time (equivalent to 2 FTE’s) allowing them to focus on high-value tasks, improving productivity.

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