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The Need for Speed

Your customers' expectations have risen exponentially. The standards of speed and personalisation have been elevated by the likes of Amazon, Netflix and AirBnB. Your customer has become demanding and impatient and expects your product to always be available via a tap or click. Speed is a deal-breaker and your business needs to adapt quicky to changing customer demands. You have to be moving in order to stay still.

Innovate & Adapt

But how do you adapt fast enough and stay relevant to fast changing expectations? You just revamped your website but clients now prefer a mobile app. You created a mobile app the and now it's hard to sort the important messages from the trivial. You have an amazing opportunity to enter a new market but the processes and systems that brought you success in your current market won't work in the new one.

Tech at Core

You need to have the flexibilty to innovate new ways of operating. Today's competitive advantage is yesterday's anchor on innovation. You can't afford to keep technolgy at a distance any longer. When you have the right digital tools in the core of your business you'll be able to capitalise on opportunties that create more customer value. So success in technology will lead to more success in business.

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The Problem: High Touch High Effort

Does this picture seem familiar? You have adopted various digital systems organically. You started with cloud email and then a hosted office suite. Then maybe you tried out a few CRM apps but there's still a lot of spreadsheets you depend on and integration tends to be clunky and manual.

Your clients have multiple communication channels into your team so each experiences different types of service depending on where they "land". Some get their issues resolved right away because they got through to the right place. Others end up going "around the houses" trying to get a satisfactory resolution. It's not a great customer experience.

It's difficult to get a holistic snapshot of your business, as systems aren't integrated and pockets of data exist at the periphery in spreadsheets. This makes it hard to assess your business performance and limits your ability to plan and innovate.

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The Goal: Low Touch Low Effort

Is this something you'd prefer to see? Your clients have the ability to manage their account and resolve their own enquiries quickly. The trickier stuff gets channeled to the correct department to be resolved right away or queued until the right resources are available.

Systems have been integrated at important borders where data needs flow to and from. The integration points are flexible, so you can change the content of the data or replace the systems entirely as the needs of your clients dictate. Holistic reporting now makes it possible to set and track KPIs.

With the right systems taking care of operations, you and your team are freed up to innovate your response to changing customer needs. A virtuous feedback loop allows you to increase the rate at which you create customer value.

Our Process to bring technology to the core

Each business is unique, but there are three common steps to achieve a flexible digital core. We'll work with you to you discover the needs of your customers, discover how you work, and shape your digital capabilities to be adaptable for future change.

1. Review & Restructure

  • Understand your customers' journeys and how you deliver your services
  • Fitness-check your current systems & processes
  • Analyse the capabilities of your existing tools
  • Leverage unused tools/features to achieve quick wins

2. Integrate & Improve

  • Standardise & automate processes for handling client requests
  • Build smart integration points between systems
  • Replace legacy/low performing systems
  • Create holistic data reports

3. Progress & Perform

  • Bespoke portal for high-speed resolution of client requests
  • Fully integrated operations/back office
  • Realtime dashboards, analytics & KPIs
  • Secure & mobile accessible systems