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With a virtual CTO you can run your business with the peace of mind that you've got someone keeping track of technology trends, developments and threats.

As businesses become ever more digitised, your technology is no longer playing a supporting role - it's at the core of how you deliver your products & services to your customers.

As the boss you're responsible for everything, and when you're spread so thinly it's not possible to give everything the proper attention it deserves.

How Could I Benefit from Virtual CTO?

We understand that running a business is hard. You're juggling multiple roles every day depending on what gets thrown at you: It could be head of sales & marketing, head of finance, HR manager, customer service manager and now, more than ever head of Technology.

A Virtual CTO can help lighten your load and bring the following benefits:

Technology expertise on a PAYG basis
Fully flexible engagement
Instant connection to network of IT professionals
Wide range of technical experience
Translate the jargon from your technical suppliers

Ways of Working

Whether you need guidance for a specific project or regular check-ins to achieve your long-term technology goals - it's up to you. We can fit into whatever pattern works best for your business.

Ad-hoc advice
Scheduled check-ins
Project driven

Client Testimonials

Some examples of how we've helped companies like yours:

"Our business in increasingly dependent on digital systems that we've created specifically for our clients - some of which Sequelize helped to deliver. They understand how our business works and therefore we can rely on them for honest & impartial advice on any technology issues we have."

- Robert, MD - Complete Food Safety Ltd

"My business is 100% online, so when we had integration problems with our ecommerce platform and finance system it was a potential showstopper. Sequelize were quick to understand our business process and provided several options to fix the immediate problem and saved us from issues in the future."

- Warren, CEO - medicaldressings.co.uk

Your Technogy Neeeds Covered

To maintain a healthy technology ecosystem in your business we suggest focusing on the three core pillars of Applications, Data & Infrastructure

  • Get the best value from your software/services vendors
  • Oversight of your outsourced/offshore develpment
  • Optimise your software as a service (SaaS) costs
  • Implement or improve customisations & integrations
  • Digital transformation & move to cloud
  • Share your services & consume third party services with REST APIs

  • Internal knowledge management & data sharing
  • Application & Customer database
  • Data Analytics & AI
  • Data migration
  • Business KPI reporting & dashboards
  • Archival & business continuity strategy

  • Move to cloud
  • Service monitoring
  • Network architecture
  • Content delivery & distribution
  • Communication tools & VOIP
  • External & internal security

Our 6 Guiding Principles

Rather than being over-prescriptive in terms of technology strategy & tactics, we prefer to adhere to some high-level principles to help achieve the best outcomes for you and your business:

1. Simple is better than complicated - easier to maintain and explain
2. Open source over proprietary - prefer open standards to avoid vendor lock-in
3. Practical beats beautiful - great if you can have both, but if you can't practicality wins!
4. Flexible is better than rigid - opt for solutions that can change with your business
5. Micro over monolithic - smaller services are easier to modify, remove or add, and increase your agility
6. Continuous improvement - always on the lookout for opportunities to deliver a better service or experience

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.“

- E. F. Schumacher

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